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Last Tuesday we had a further update meeting with Lake Macquarie Council re our revised façade design on the Belmont project, which was very positively received. Our next step was a fast tracked meeting with council Sepp65 Panel of Independent Consultants to review/critique, which took place this Wednesday. 


This meeting provided the final feedback required prior to being formally assessed and presented to the council for (we expect) a recommendation for Approval. Whilst this approval process has been longer than initially anticipated, the outcome is a fantastic design as well as some brilliant outcomes around units mix (incorporating additional height) and amenity with the upgrade and integration of the park back into our project.


As part of the council process, the application is open to public comment and feedback. Obviously the more positive feedback we receive, the stronger our case for approval becomes. In this regard, we would like to encourage you to submit a positive feedback review to council either by email to or by mail to “Attention Leena Sebastian, Lake Macquarie City Council, Box 1906, Hunter Region mail Centre, NSW, 2310.


One of the factors council look at around feedback is that the responses are different (not a petition or a pro forma letter which people sign), and they actually pay additional weight if they are hand written (they see it has taken more effort to do). So we are asking if you could take the time to make a submission of support for the development, particularly that it meets outcomes outlined in the Belmont Town Centre Plan.


Again, we would ask that any submission be in your own words (and not a cut and paste exercise), however we feel the key items of the proposal could include:

  • You have reviewed the plans on display at council

  • The project will upgrade and improve the amenity in the immediate area including improving the visual aspect of the neighbourhood

  • Project will deliver on the goals outlined LMCC “Town Centre Area Plan” for Belmont

  • Provide an active street frontage whilst interacting with the foreshore parkland, and visual interest to the area

  • Create a stunning “Landmark” piece of architecture in the suburb, unlike anything in the greater Newcastle region

  • Site is identified for greater height, which the project delivers whilst providing increased residential opportunities for the location

  • Strengthen the regeneration of the Belmont Bay area

  • Provide much needed waterfront residential and commercial facilities, and hopefully the project includes a restaurant to maximise the benefits to the community of this stunning location

  • An opportunity to deliver an iconic building

  • Provide an up market accommodation solution needed in the area, and delivering on the spectacular location


You will need to reference the DA number, being: DA/2863/2021

You will also need to reference the address, being: 36 Macquarie and 1 Walter St’s Belmont 2280


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