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This option suits investors who want to learn how to become a property developer and do it themselves.

Property Development is neither easy or simple. The key to successful property development is a combination of time, knowledge and money.

One of the biggest problems faced by beginners in property development is being able to figure out quickly if a viable deal exists on a particular piece of land. The key is the right due diligence and a realistic financial assessment.

Our Property Development Program educates and mentors aspiring developers to create wealth and financial independence through property development and investment.

Our Property Development Program includes our comprehensive checklists, flowcharts and feasibility training to ensure you don’t miss a thing when analysing a site.

Our Property Development Program contains everything you need to know to get started with property development. If you are looking for a property development course, this is for you. It will give you insight on what happens during each stage of the property development process, including how to find, asses and purchase a development site.


What we cover in our property Development Programs:

·     Property Development Process

·     Creating the Property Development Team

·     Finding a Site

·     Due Diligence

·     Purchasing a Site

·     Financial Feasibility

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The 35 Latitude Development Fund provides a complete service that offers first time through to experienced investors the opportunity to join forces and invest in Property Development.

From land acquisition and negotiation to design, obtaining development approval through to the construction & sales process right through to completion, we do it all.


We have extensive experience in residential property development, financing, real estate investment management and funds management.


The best development opportunities are sold before even going to market. Through our experience, we have the relationships to obtain access to these opportunities, progress a project through the design phase, consultation to obtain council approval, before constructing and selling of units.

At the completion of each project, the development profits are returned to the investor pool.

We add value to a property by maximising its development potential, delivering attractive investor returns. When you invest in our fund, you are investing in multiple development opportunities progressing through different stages of the value add process.


When you invest in our property development fund, your money is pooled with other investors, giving you entry to investments and development returns you would not be able to achieve on your own.

A simple way to invest in larger-scale residential property developments, your investment is spread over multiple projects at different stages of the development life cycle, providing greater diversity and lower risk.

To get started on your property development journey, download our

12 step guide to Property Development Process


and our


Developer Checklist

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