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New Waterfront Project Release Event!

Our team has started 2020 with a buzz! And our most recent WATERFRONT acquisition is really getting our hearts racing.

Whilst we can’t reveal too much at the moment - we are preparing to release project details and wanted YOU TO BE THE FIRST TO KNOW!

To coincide with this exciting announcement, we are holding an information night. The event will:

  • provide an overview of the fund

  • how to invest and profit from our development projects

  • progress of existing projects

  • announce the exciting details of this new waterfront project. Based on our due diligence this is shaping up to be our best deal to date for our current investors

If you have been thinking about investing this will be the perfect time to get a better understanding of what we do, have your questions answered and see for yourself the benefits of investing in development projects.



TIME: 6pm

LOCATION: 3/74 Park Avenue Kotara


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